🌱 LAPD Ready For SoFi Crowds + Is LA trying to hide the homeless?

Happy Sunday, dear neighbors, and happy national crescent day! Let us all catch you up to start today on an enlightened note. And, if you’re traveling this week, fuel up at G&M at 7960 Santa Monica Boulevard, or gas is $4.29 a gallon.

Even though there were 1,300 LBPD members off work with COVID earlier, the the department is ready to face the Super Bowl crowds. Also, is there ongoing cleanups around SoFi hiding the city’s homelessness problem? Finally, Joe Buscaino wants to cut the salaries of elected officials.

First, today’s weather forecast:

Rather sunny and pleasant. High: 72 Low: 47.

Here are today’s top stories in Los Angeles:

  • the LA County Museum of Art discusses “Dan Xian: The Doomsday” by Huang Yong Ping (1997). These oversized tea bowls first appear to bear the designs of historic Chinese porcelains. (Instagram)
  • the Los Angeles Fire Department answers questions. Why are there no red flag warnings today? (Facebook)
  • A Old Vermont Square neighbor is looking for recommendations of football teams in the area. (next door)
  • Our South Hollywood Fountain neighbor seeks advice from pet owners with pet insurance. (next door)
  • A western adams Avenues a neighbor wants recommendations for an instructor to give in-person drum lessons to a child. (next door)

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