“A difficult road in front of him”: a seriously tangled dog finds a new life thanks to the Santa Barbara Humane Society


SANTA BARBARA, Calif .– A neglected dog has a second chance at a good life.

The Santa Barbara Humane Society recently rescued a small dog after it was found by a member of the Santa Barbara County community in the early morning hours of June 6. The dog had very matted fur and other visible problems.

The community member brought the dog to the Santa Barbara County Humane Society in Santa Maria. They told the organization he had never seen this dog before and noticed signs of neglect.

Upon inspection, members of the organization said the dog was a Lhasa Apso mix and the poor puppy was clearly in pain.

They say his tangled hair was hindering his movement, that he smelled bad, and that he had a piece of old string wrapped around his muzzle. The string would have been there a long time, and it was partially embedded in his skin. It made her face look raw and irritated.

After medical treatment, which included bathing and grooming, members found an adorable 10-pound puppy underneath. They say he is estimated to be seven years old and that he was given the name Ziggy.

The staff at Santa Barbara Humane must have sent Ziggy to San Luis Obispo for a misplaced catch, but he finally returned last week.

Ziggy must undergo treatment for his anemia due to a flea infestation before being sterilized. He was also diagnosed with dental disease.

Ziggy is already pre-adopted and could go to his new home after being sterilized.

Fortunately, her medical bills are covered by the donor-backed TLC fund.

The Humanitarian Society provided the following statement to our press room, thanking donors for their contribution to the fund and helping to provide care for animals in need.

“Santa Barbara Humane is so lucky to have animals like Ziggy to look after that remind us of what a positive attitude and unconditional love can do. Your impact means there will always be a safe haven for animals like Ziggy to go to when they need it. “

Director of Philanthropy, Sofia Rodriguez

Despite the difficult road ahead, Ziggy soon hopes to snuggle up comfortably in her new home.

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