Active shooter response training for back to school in Madison

MADISON, NJ – To prepare for the upcoming school year, members of the Madison Police Department took part in additional lessons on how to protect, fight and survive in the aftermath of a shooter situation asset.

The training was organized in conjunction with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office and other local police departments. The officers involved participated in a tactical training exercise for an active shooter scenario.

Although this training took place at Madison High School, the techniques taught can be used at any school or business in Madison or surrounding municipalities.

“Our officers continue to receive training that equips them with the tools, resources, and capabilities to use in an emergency. We are committed to ensuring the safety and protection of students, faculty, staff, and residents,” Madison police said.

As the new school year begins soon, parents are encouraged to support school safety initiatives by reporting suspicious events to the police or school administrators, for example regarding social media content.

“School safety and student well-being is the responsibility of all members of the community,” Madison Public Schools Superintendent Mark Schwarz said.

The Madison Public School District recently announced a partnership with the Morris County Sheriff’s Office on an anonymous tip request program called “RSVP-3 Morris County, NJ.”

The app is a versatile reporting tool that allows parents and students to anonymously advocate for those who may be at risk or in danger. Concerns reported via RSVP-3 are interpreted by trained screening officers who then share the information with the appropriate party, which may include your child’s school, if applicable.

The Morris County RSVP-3 app does not collect any personally identifiable information, officials said.

“School safety is not something that is taken lightly by the Department of Education, by our law enforcement agencies, by our school district, or by the state in any way. We have a variety of protocols that we have to follow, versus the law,” Schwarz said.

If parents have specific concerns about school safety, they are encouraged to contact Superintendent Schwarz at (973) 593-3100.

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