Advice: how to protect your pet against theft

Tips: Prevent dog theft: experts discuss preventing dog theft in the home.

Prevent dog theft from your home:

– Dogs are easily removed from gardens: especially front gardens, so be sure to secure your garden with high fences.

– Protect the house and secure the goods: Think dog cameras, CCTV and video doorbells.

– Gate locking and alarm: to prevent unwanted intruders.

– Outdoor kennels must also be alarmed and locked: for all dogs kept outside, ensure that kennels are sufficiently secure.

– Gravel your path or driveway: it is therefore more difficult for intruders to approach discreetly.

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– Leave a light on if your dog is home alone: it can be useful in the evening, so it looks like someone is inside. Along with this, always turn on an outdoor light for late night supervised bathroom exits so you can see your dog at all times.

– Regularly test your home alarm: to make sure it is in working order.

– Lock your pet door when not in use: and do not leave the window open in the room where your dog is.

– Do not introduce new puppies online: be careful when sharing too many new pets. Puppies are especially valuable to dognappers.

Prove ownership:

– Proof of ownership: it is important that you have ownership documents in order to ensure that there is no dispute in the event of loss or theft of your dog.

– Have your dog microchipped: This will be done by your veterinarian.

– Be sure to take pictures of your dog: keep in mind capturing many angles and all identifying features. Also take a photo of you with your dog, before and after grooming.

– Your dog’s DNA: if you are really worried about dog theft, consider collecting their DNA to match later if needed. There are services that can help with this;

– Keep ID collar tags up to date: Make sure your current mobile phone number and other contact details are on the label.

Financial advice:

– Animal insurance: make sure it covers theft and you will be financially compensated.

– Pay attention to the rewards: If you are offering a reward for your dog, make sure the information is correct and your dog is found before giving the money.

– Keep all your documents in a safe place: accessible in case of emergency.

In the first part of this series of articles, we looked at how to protect your dog at home and on walks.

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