André and Cindie Nel, owners of the Minuteman Press franchise, expand their business in Costa Mesa, California

COSTA MESA, Calif. –News Direct– Minuteman Press International Inc

In January 2020, André and Cindie Nel fulfilled their dream of owning a business in the United States by purchasing their Minuteman Press franchise located at 2930 College Ave., Unit C in Costa Mesa. “We’ve always been entrepreneurs at heart,” says Cindie.

As a dynamic husband and wife duo, Andre and Cindie have combined forces to create a highly successful Minuteman Press business in Costa Mesa, Calif., with strong growth since purchasing the business during the pandemic and continuing through today.

Cindie and Andre Nel, Owners, Minuteman Press Franchise, Costa Mesa, CA.

Travel from South Africa to Costa Mesa

Originally from South Africa, André, as part of an owner-managed business, has established a major multi-temperature logistics and distribution company for several major US fast food franchise brands. Cindie, with her strong sales and account management skills, has built an innovative telecommunications brand.

Cindie shares, “Andre, recognizing the value of investing in major American franchise organizations, set out to buy a franchise in the United States. Minuteman Press International, with its strong track record and outstanding reputation not only in the United United but in other global markets, including South Africa, has made the Minuteman Press franchise opportunity a favorite.This, combined with the fact that Andre is a university marketing student and I am a relations student public, meant there was a clear synergy in the world of commercial printing, and that made Minuteman Press the perfect business opportunity for us.

Now operating in Costa Mesa for over two and a half years, André and Cindie have fully integrated themselves and Minuteman Press into their community. André says, “Costa Mesa is an inclusive community with businesses choosing to buy and support locally and we have seen tremendous benefits from both supporting and receiving local support. Support includes not only business, but also sharing facilities and neighborhood responsibilities. »

“With so much ‘virtual’ in today’s society, print remains something tangible that people can touch, feel and use to connect more personally with potential and existing customers. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the importance of connecting with each other at every opportunity, whether it’s postcards, brochures, apparel, signage, personalized direct mail, and more. . The impression is very personal and society wants more and not less. .” -Cindie Nel, Co-Owner, Minuteman Press, Costa Mesa

Build the business in Costa Mesa

To grow the business, André and Cindie managed to stand out from the competition. André explains, “Earning the trust of our customers through personalized service, fast turnaround times and exceeding expectations sets us apart from our competitors. We have learned to understand the specific requirements of each client and adapt our solutions accordingly. Rather than being a ‘jack of all trades’, we strive to become an expert in their basic needs and meet their requirements from there. »

For Minuteman Press in Costa Mesa, key product growth areas include custom labels, stickers, books and custom branded apparel. André says, “We invested in and perfected the labeling/sticker and book capabilities. We realized that the key is prompt internal service. We have competitive prices, however, not the cheapest in town. Our customers appreciate our personalized service, with pre-production samples and our ability to meet tight deadlines that sets us apart from our biggest competitors.

He continues, “We have also been successful in growing our custom clothing business through a great partnership with a decorator who we work closely with to understand the balance between exceptional quality and meeting client dates.

In terms of marketing the business, Cindie shares, “Our biggest growth initiatives have been online marketing through Google optimization, with our five-star Google reviews being a major success factor. Minuteman’s pedigree Press is also essential for clients to locate us through internet search filters. Other key growth factors have been personal networking and client referrals. One of our largest clients, a real estate company, is one of our friends and it is gratifying to be a part of their marketing and business development success.

She adds, “When you’ve invested in paid internet optimization and client referrals, it’s critical that you answer phones and emails as quickly and professionally as possible to ensure these opportunities are secured. .”

Why Minuteman Press?

For Andre and Cindie, joining the Minuteman Press family of franchisees has allowed them to fulfill their dream of owning a business while providing additional resources and support. Cindie says, “Integration into the Minuteman Press franchise system was smooth and successful thanks to informative training at World Headquarters and strong, ongoing local support from our Regional Vice President Dan Byers and the local team on the field. Minuteman Press ticks all the right boxes in terms of onboarding, operational and financial training, and franchise support.

She continues, “Furthermore, where Minuteman Press hits the ball in the park is in the inclusive ‘Minuteman Press family’ culture where everyone supports each other through tough times, encourages each other, and sincerely celebrates the achievements of each. That’s what makes Minuteman Press the unique and special place it is. In these unprecedented times that we have all faced, the kindness and generosity shown by our Minuteman Press family has been remarkable.

Asked about the benefits of business ownership, Cindie says, “Our greatest personal reward for owning our own business is that we can stay in touch with our children through the flexibility of time and the ability to support them financially. Our son, Ethan, majored in Computer Engineering at UCSC. We love being able to visit it and the beautiful campus and town of Santa Cruz. Our daughter, Madison, a San Clemente High School junior, is an aspiring actress and we love having the time and ability to share her dreams and passions.

Cindie adds, “Our business rewards are how our customers have become our partners and friends, which has resulted in our business revenue doubling in the two and a half years we’ve owned our store. This was achieved with the idea that each project is about how we can add value to our clients’ businesses or employees. Without our strategic relationships with our suppliers and service providers, this would be impossible, which is why we value, support and invest deeply in these companies which are an extension of our family.

advice to others

For others considering owning a business, Cindie shares, “Our advice to business owners is to do as we do; learn from the best. The key to success is knowing your local market and customer base and letting them dictate what and how much to invest in internal capabilities.

She concludes: “Become experts in your field. Never hand over less than exceptional work and also package and label your orders the way you as the customer would like to receive them. Always be excited and enthusiastic about every job you do for your client and the rewards will follow!

Minuteman Press in Costa Mesa is located at 2930 College Ave., Unit C, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. For more information, visit their website:

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