Artist Gering Accepts Pet Portrait Commissions, Sales Benefit The Humane Society

Artist Gering is accepting commissions for pet portraits to benefit the Humane Society.

Artist Gering Jenifer Berge Sauter is once again accepting animal portrait commissions in partnership with the Panhandle Humane Society.

Berge Sauter has been painting for 35 years and is experienced in a wide range of mediums including watercolour, acrylic and pastels. His work is displayed in countless homes and businesses across the state of Nebraska and beyond.

“I’ve been doing animal portraits since 1999,” Berge Sauter said. “It wouldn’t be like the holidays without doing this, and I love working with the Humane Society. It’s a good tradition.

Berge Sauter’s pet portraits are now a cornerstone of the holiday season in the Panhandle, and the origin of the tradition is surprisingly simple.

“I was taking art classes with someone who was on the board of the Humane Society, and she was thinking of doing some kind of holiday fundraiser,” Berge Sauter said.

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Artist Gering Jenifer Berge Sauter works on three pet portraits in her studio. The portraits are done using pastels, which Berge Sauter says are one of his favorite mediums and make very eye-catching pieces.


She pitched the idea of ​​selling pet portraits and a partnership was formed. Since then, Berge Sauter has painted hundreds of portraits in collaboration with the Humane Society, resulting in pets far outnumbering humans as subjects of his art.

Berge Sauter particularly appreciates the idea that the portraits are given as gifts because it creates a special moment of surprise.

“I think of when people open their gifts and wonder if they like them. They don’t even know it; it’s a surprise,” she says.

Berge Sauter said dogs and cats are by far the most popular subjects for her pet portraits, but she has done a surprising number of pigs over the years. Horses, birds and reptiles are also well within its capabilities.


Berge Sauter is working on some fine textural details for a portrait of her daughter’s rat. She painted portraits of all types of animals, although cats and dogs were generally the most popular.


Animal portraits are 8 x 10 inches and cost $100 each. Half of this cost goes to the Panhandle Humane Society to help in its mission of sheltering and finding homes for the animals. To place an order, the public can call the Humane Society at 308-635-0922 or stop by 126 South Beltline Highway in Scottsbluff. A photo is required for reference.

Only 50 orders will be taken this year on a first-come, first-served basis. Berge Sauter guarantees that all portraits will be completed in time for Christmas.


Berge Sauter puts several of his projects on hold to work on animal portraits during the holiday season. His art is exhibited at many Nebraska businesses, and more can be seen at his studio on O Street in Gering.


Berge Sauter also teaches art classes for all ages. Those interested can contact her at

She recently moved to a new studio at 1034 O St. in Gering and will be hosting an open house showcasing her art with local vendors on Dec. 3 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Dec. 4 from noon to 5 p.m.

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