Assignment of the fifth: the right loan for pensioners


Funding as a salary-backed loan can be requested by employees or retirees in the public and private sector, who can turn to banks or financial intermediaries. The transfer of the fifth of the pension represents a “guaranteed” loan, because the amortization plan provides for a repayment that takes place with direct deductions from the pension. For their part, even retirees are “safer”, because the amount of the installment remains fixed and cannot exceed 1/5 of the net pension, so it is possible to accurately assess the weight of the loan based on one’s income. Furthermore, an insurance to protect the obligatory credit by law, which covers life risk and employment risk, protects both the client and the institution itself.

it is in fact a convenient loan for consumers and safe for banks, which grant it more easily than other forms of credit.

it is in fact a convenient loan for consumers and safe for banks, which grant it more easily than other forms of credit.

The amortization plan of the salary assignment can last from 24 to 120 months (10 years), the loan has an installment and a rate that remain fixed for the entire duration of the loan and can be accessed even if you have other loans in progress or if you are insolvent, protested or bad payers. The salary assignment is generally obtained quickly and, due to its “guaranteed” repayment method, it usually offers more favorable conditions and lower interest rates than traditional Anabelle.

The sale of the fifth represents a highly sought-after loan method, especially in times of crisis like the current one: 

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The pensioner who wants to request a loan as a salary assignment must first obtain the transferability notice from the pension institution, with which the institution, after having verified the conditions for the protection of the pensioner, indicates the maximum amount of the loan installment. This communication must then be delivered to the institution with which you wish to subscribe the loan.

For this reason, banks and financial institutions are more protected from the risk of insolvency.

money loan

Many banks offer this type of financing: one of the most interesting products on the market is the sale of the fifth Bassotta installment of IBL Banca , dedicated to permanent and retired workers, who can request a loan for the most varied purposes obtaining conditions advantageous.

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