At least 22 dead, many missing in Tennessee floods | national news


Shirley Foster cried as the governor approached. She said she had just heard that a friend from her church had died.

“I thought I was in shock over it all. I’m just torn apart by my friend. My house is nothing, but my friend is gone,” Foster told the governor.

The hardest-hit areas have seen double the rainfall the Middle Tennessee region had in previous worst-case flood scenarios, meteorologists said. Storm lines moved across the region for hours, squeezing out a record amount of moisture – a scenario scientists say may be more common due to global warming.

The downpours quickly turned the streams that run behind the backyards and through downtown Waverly into raging rapids. Kansas Klein business owner stood on a bridge in the city of 4,500 on Saturday and saw two girls clinging to a puppy and clinging to a plank of wood as the current was too fast for that anyone can grasp them.

He is not sure what happened to them. Klein heard that a girl and a puppy had been rescued downstream, and another girl had also been rescued, but he wasn’t sure it was them.

By Sunday, the floodwaters were gone, leaving behind wreckage of wrecked cars, demolished businesses and homes and a chaotic, tangled mix of things inside.

“It was amazing how far it came and how quickly it went,” Klein said.

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