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Stuckey, who grew up in Beloit and moved to Monona nine years ago, began experimenting with barbecue in 2014 when he found a smoker outside a bar he operated in the town of Richmond, between Whitewater and Delavan. .

He started playing with the smoker, serving spare ribs and pulled pork at the bar.

He did not renew his lease for the Richmond House Pub after a year, he said, due to its remote location.

Smokin Bones BBQ Ribs.


In 2017, Stuckey was injured in a fat fire at his Monona home and spent a month in intensive care and had six surgeries on his right hand.

Stuckey said his hand was still uncomfortable on some days, especially when it’s dry, but he was able to resume smoking meat and catering.

As for the cart, it turned out better than Stuckey expected. “People really loved the food and word of mouth was very fast.”


Brisket is Smokin Bones BBQ’s best-selling item.


After posting a post on Facebook, someone shared news of their cart on Nextdoor, the neighborhood social media platform, and business took off, he said. As its location is very busy, drivers spot it and return to the front road, he said.

When Stuckey owned Richmond House, he introduced specials that included ribs and pulled pork. Stuckey was a chimney sweep with no professional experience cooking or running a bar or grill, but said his mother had management training. “So all I really needed to know, I would ask him.


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