Biden Rejects GOP Infrastructure Offer, Citing Wider Targets | national news


Yet neither Biden nor GOP senators appear ready to call off the talks, even as Democrats prepare to use the budget rules to pass a big package themselves, without Republican votes.

House Democrats on Friday released a plan to spend $ 547 billion over the next five years on road, transit and rail projects, a plan of their priorities and a potential building block for the package. larger from Biden.

The proposal from Oregon Representative Peter DeFazio, Democratic chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, continues existing programs that are expiring and adds key elements to the larger measure Biden is negotiating with Republicans.

DeFazio’s legislation does not specify how to pay for projects. He called the effort “a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shift our transportation planning from the 1950s to our clean energy future.”

His bill would authorize up to $ 343 billion for roads, bridges and improved safety. Another $ 109 billion would go to transit programs and $ 95 billion would go to the freight and passenger rail system, including a tripling of funding for Amtrak.

DeFazio’s bill is unlikely to garner much support from the GOP, as Republicans recently unveiled their own legislation that would allow around $ 400 billion over five years for roads, bridges and transit programs.

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