Bullitt Central High School expands agricultural department

BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. — The agriculture department at Bullitt Central High School is growing and providing students with a variety of options when it comes to career paths.

What do you want to know

  • Bullitt Central High School expands agricultural department
  • Animal science class in partnership with the Humane Society of Nelson County
  • The Mechanics Pathway course acquired a new CNC machine

A husband and wife duo from Bullitt Central have mastered the concept of hands-on learning. Justin Peake teaches the Mechanics route and Tiphanie Peake teaches Animal Science.

“I talked in my animal science class and my veterinary science class about a way to partner with the community, with a community outside of here with the students and helping the animals while one,” Tiphanie said.

This partnership helps the Humane Society of Nelson County by encouraging cats in their classroom.

“The first cat was at the Humane Society for about two months, we had the cat for 24 hours and she was already adopted,” Tiphanie recalls. “We are also partnering with them for the future of the children, so we hope to provide them with employment opportunities at the Humane Society after they graduate.”

Next door, Justin and his students take a different approach.

“It’s a fair curriculum to incorporate more science, technology, engineering, math to prepare kids to enter the workforce,” Justin said.

Agricultural instructor, Justin Peake using the CNC machine in his mechanics class. (Spectrum News 1/Erin Wilson)

The classroom houses a CNC machine, a large metal cutting machine used for ‘Bullit Plasma’, a student-run business in the agricultural track where they create and sell products they design.

“The more technical side of how our industry is changing, I want to create opportunities for students and I want them to see the opportunities and not just stay at home and in their garage,” Justin said.

For junior Hannah Huffman, who is enrolled in both courses, she said it was a chance to learn something outside the box.

“I love learning new things and just being a part of something so rare or unusual. Like, normal high schools wouldn’t have a machine like this,” said Huffman, an 11th grader at the Bullitt Central High School.

For more information about Bullitt Plasma, email justin.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us. To learn more about the partnership with the Nelson County Humane Society and cat adoptions, email tiphanie.peake@bullitt.kyschools.us.

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