Cat with missing eye and nostril melts hearts on Search for Forever Home

An adorable cat looking for his forever home has caught the internet’s attention after photos were shared on Facebook on Wednesday.

Shared by the Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio, the post featured photos of Eggbert the cat, who staff say is “an absolute angel of a kitten.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that approximately 6.3 million pets enter United States animal shelters each year. Each year, approximately 530,000 cats in shelters are euthanized.

Eggbert was born with one eye and nostril missing, but the Fairfield Area Humane Society team said this did not affect his lust for life. Despite snoring loudly and requiring a bit more care, 2-year-old Eggbert loves headbutting, getting his chin scratched and following you around.

Commenters on the company’s Facebook post fell in love with the kitten, with one writing: ‘Oh my god I want him. I pray he goes to an amazing loving home’, while another said, “Aww. He’s adorable!”

“Oh God bless this sweet cat,” said one Facebook user.

“What a darling,” wrote another.

The humane society also said Eggbert’s previous owners reported that he had occasional seizures when he was with them, but the society says he has had no seizures since being on the drug. their guard.

Fairfield Area Humane Society said Newsweek“He was the result of an accidental pregnancy from the previous family’s cat, and when he started having seizures, they were unable to provide the medical attention he needed.”

Anyone who adopts Eggbert must be prepared to give him medication and have routine blood tests to keep him healthy. After a full examination by the Humane Society veterinarian, no clear cause was found for the seizures, but it’s important not to rule it out.

“He’s as sweet as he is cute and loves everyone he meets,” the Humane Society said.

According to the ASPCA’s National Care Survey, 42% of cats in care were abandoned by owners due to persistent issues, including problematic behavior, aggressive behavior, greater than expected growth or health issues that the owner couldn’t handle.

Although additional needs can often discourage potential adopters, West Park Animal Hospital suggests re-examining pets that might need a little more care. They said, “When you adopt an eccentric, you literally save a life. Adoption saves them, giving them a chance at a happy forever home.”

So far, Eggbert is still looking for his new home, but he has an appointment with a potential family this weekend.

This week, a postman’s connection to a local cat has melted hearts online after a video of the couple went viral. And a heartwarming clip of an elderly cat finding his forever home has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

Eggbert the cat posing for photos at the shelter. Eggbert has drawn attention online after a message was shared to help him find his forever home.
Fairfield Area Humane Society

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