Celebrating hope for the future of canine oncology with Take CHARGE

On National Canine Cancer Awareness Day, a Canine Cancer Registry and Cancer Care Index initiative was launched in New York City with experts and artists drawing attention to the latest research and information on canine oncology.

In New York’s Madison Square Park, the sun was shining and human and furry friends came together for the launch of the Canine Cancer Registry and Cancer Care Index USA.Take charge(Canine Health And ReGistry Exchange) – launched by Jaguar Health. In honor of the occasion, in addition to the first National Canine Cancer Awareness Day, well-known veterinary oncology specialists and Broadway performers took the stage.

According to Lisa Conte, CEO, President and Founder of Jaguar Health, experts associated with entertainment enabled an uplifting atmosphere despite the devastating disease that was the focus, because with this registry comes hope for the future of oncology. veterinary.

“A [registry] harnesses the power of a shared experience of an entire community so that we can all take charge of our own animal’s health should a canine cancer situation arise,” said Conte.

Specialists in veterinary oncology included Sue Ettinger, DVM, DACVIM (oncology), Take charge member of the scientific council, as well as a dvm360® member of the editorial board; and Theresa (Terry) W. Fossum, DVM, MS, PhD, ACVS Diplomate, Take charge co-chairman of the scientific council. Both experts provided information and advice on veterinary oncology. Additionally, the Gallup investigation and its implications were presented to help the public better understand canine cancer and thereby protect them from the disease.

“Gallup was a survey of just under 6,000 people and 67% of them were pet owners. A few interesting things really stood out,” Ettinger said, in a dvm360® maintenance.

“The prevalence of cancer was around 3.4%, which is a bit lower than what we see in humans. But what really stood out to me and what was interesting and scary was the incidence, so newly diagnosed cancer in dogs, and that was 2.8% and that was 5 times what we see in human cancer. That’s why this registry is so important so that we can really break down cancer in dogs and understand it at the state level, by breed, by cancer, by age, and by sex as well,” she added. .

Ettinger emphasized the importance of early detection of cancer while emphasizing proactive methods for pet owners during his presentation at Take charge Event. “I strongly encourage everyone once a month – so I’m thinking of when you’re doing heartworm, flea and tick prevention – to do an exam for nodules and bumps from nose to tail . If the lump is the size of a pea, which is the size of an M&M or a bowling pin and you’ve been there for a month, you want to go to your vet for a simple test called an aspiration,” said she declared.

Co-sponsored by TogoRun, a healthcare communications company, and Intelligent Veterinary Enhanced Experience (Ivee), a software company that helps organize and standardize healthcare data, the Take charge The initiative included words from Glo Janata, JD, President, CEO and Owner of TogoRun, and Chelsea Rhoads, CEO and Founder of Ivee. Their companies have come together as key players to help launch this important registry and event.

“I think [Take C.H.A.R.G.E.] will have a huge impact on the animal health industry [number] ways,” Rhoads said, in a dvm360® maintenance. “Understanding what is happening in trends between breeds, gender and location is a game-changer. There are so many ways this can unfold and create a huge impact for veterinary medicine.

“[Canine cancer is] a subject close to the hearts of so many people. . . so I think [my favorite part of the Take C.H.A.R.G.E. event was] just being able to see everyone here at the park on such a beautiful day to celebrate National Canine Cancer Awareness Day for the first time and learn more about the registry,” Janata added during the interview.

In addition to canine cancer news, Broadway stars performed with talented and lively actors, singers, playwrights, and more. Their powerful voices roamed the city park singing popular songs, and even music highlighting the unique love that dogs offer us.

“I want to acknowledge how the Broadway community has navigated data and reality to take charge of their art and bring Broadway back to us all. We are so lucky to be able to hear the singers today,” Conte said.

Finally, there was a video presentation featuring all of the Broadway performers accompanied by their dogs covering Frank Sinatra’s “It Had to Be You” for a heartwarming conclusion.

To help advance canine oncology research and support the initiative, dog owners and veterinary professionals can submit canine cancer cases to the Take charge website.


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