Chase Credit Cards Mobile App Review


Navigating the Chase app isn’t always intuitive just because you can do a lot of it. All in all, a lot of what you can do on, you can do on the app as well. With so many Chase card offerings, it’s hard to beat the convenience of being able to manage all of your accounts together in one place, from anywhere.


The Chase mobile app basically includes everything except the kitchen sink. You can perform typical tasks such as paying bills and reviewing statements, as well as managing your points in the Hunt the ultimate rewards®, choose the installment payment offers for certain purchases and more.

Secure connection

You can either manually enter your username and password, or choose to use facial recognition or a fingerprint for a faster login. The app will log you out after a period of inactivity.

Monitoring of transactions and trends

The app makes it easy to see where your money is going and keep an eye out for suspicious charges. You can see up to 24 months of transactions and up to seven years of credit card statements. Plus, get a breakdown of your spending by category to track trends and see if they match your budget.

Stay safe

If you’ve misplaced your card, you can lock it in the app, which will block new purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances from your account. You can unlock your card if it was still between the cushions on your sofa.

The app lets you dispute a charge with Chase if you’ve been wrongly billed for a purchase, or tried to reverse a recurring charge but still got billed. If you notice a transaction you didn’t complete (or an authorized user didn’t complete), Chase recommends that you call the number on the back of the card to report fraudulent activity.

Access to all your Chase cards

If you have more than one Chase card, you’ll have access to all of them in the app. Business and personal cardholders can switch between these card lists on the Home screen. If you have Chase checking, savings, mortgage, car, or personal loan accounts, they’ll also appear on your dashboard when you sign in.

Personalized navigation

You can add and remove “quick actions” on the home screen, which allows you to partially customize the app and speed up access to specific features. Options include shortcut buttons for bill payment, billing activities, statements and documents, Chase Ultimate Rewards®, ATM or branch office locations, travel notifications, lost card replacement , showing or hiding accounts and managing user security functions.

Pay bills

Pay your credit card bills in the app, either manually or by setting up automatic recurring payments. You can also connect bank accounts as payment methods through the app. In addition, configure push notifications to receive an alert when a payment due date is approaching or when your checking account is overdrawn.

Hunt the Ultimate Rewards®

Check your reward balances and redeem points in the app. If one or more of your cards earn Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or the Chase Freedom Flex℠, you can also use these points to book travel directly in the app and combine Ultimate Rewards® points earned on multiple cards.

My pursuit plan

Select a purchase of $ 100 or more to split into equal monthly payments with My Chase Plan. You will not pay interest, but there is a fixed monthly fee associated with using this service. In the app, you can choose from several payment plan options.

Hunting offers

Easily sign up for Chase offers for each of your cards to automatically save on an upcoming purchase from participating merchants. Chase deals change over time, so check the app regularly to see where you can save.

Credit score monitoring

Chase Credit Journey can help you keep tabs on your credit score for free, whether or not you are a current Chase customer. It also includes credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, alerts when your credit history changes, and resources to help you build your credit. The credit score through this tool is a VantageScore 3.0 credit score based on data from TransUnion. Because lenders use different credit scoring models when reviewing loan applications, the credit score you see here may differ from your score when applying for various financial products.


The Chase mobile app does not have built-in customer service messaging, so there is no message or chat option. You can visit the Secure Message Center, but you’ll be logged into a bot that will take you to useful links rather than logging into a representative directly.

Since the app offers so many features, some users find it a bit overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

Desktop vs mobile

When it comes to managing your accounts, credit card rewards and more, most tasks can be done on both the mobile app and your desktop. You can even open new checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit and credit cards through the app. For other actions, like applying for a mortgage or car loan, the app will redirect you to the mobile version of So there are still some banking tasks to perform on the desktop version.

When you visit the Chase website, you can send a secure message to customer service, but you cannot send messages from the app.

Since there are slight design variations between and the Chase app, you just need to familiarize yourself with both.


Ranked third out of 11 major credit card issuers – Satisfaction survey on the JD Power 2020 US credit cards mobile application.

4.8 / 5 – Apple App Store (evaluation in March 2021).

4.4 / 5 – Google Play Store (evaluation in March 2021).

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