COLUMN: Greetings from laid back Leslie

Hi everyone!

My name is Leslie and I am a one year old female feline. I have beautiful gray and white fur, as soft as you can imagine. Being only one year old, I still have a ton of kitten energy in me!

Also, I was always a little on my own until the shelter staff increasingly pulled me out of my cage and allowed me to walk around – what a treat! I explored every little nook and cranny of the shelter (well, except the kennels of course), and hung out more and more with my feline friends, especially Caren. Like all cats, I love my naps. If you don’t sleep, you lose, that’s my motto!

I also love tall “cat trees” so if anyone has one (or more than one) in their home, well, that would be just wonderful! I would do well in a household with another animal as long as there is a slow introduction. A real “meet and greet” so we can see if there is a connection or not.

Thanks Winston!

winston says:

Hello Leslie! Is there such a thing as a cat that isn’t “casual?” I love how someone once said “cats are connoisseurs of comfort”. It’s so true! Well, let’s keep our paws crossed so that anyone reading this right now sees your beautiful face and decides you’re the only one. Good luck! Love, Winston

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