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This week’s flagship Wausau-area company is Pearle Vision, a family-owned and operated optometry practice with six locations statewide, including two in the Wausau area. Dr Jeremy Goetsch and Kati Goetsch, owners of Midline Vision, have been working together since 2009 alongside a team of over 25 members who are enthusiastic about their work and passionate about their communities. Both from Wausau, the couple returned from Madison to the area in 2015 to raise their children – and in the process built a nationally recognized optometry business where clients are treated as extended members of the family. As Founder, President and CEO of Midline, Dr. Jeremy Goetsch also enjoys providing excellent eye care and the business aspects of practice management. Kati Goetsch joined the group full-time as COO in early 2018, handling all back-end operations including human resources, marketing and business development. Dr Jessica Bloom Braunel, originally from the Wausau area, recently joined the group and, along with Dr Jeremy, now sees patients at the Mosinee and Antigo Pearle Vision sites. The team takes pride in bringing together cutting edge technology, top physicians and fantastic staff to ensure you receive the best eye care available, all in a comfortable and friendly environment. Read on!

At Pearle Vision, their family takes care of your family. Contribution photo

Q: When was your business started and what prompted you to get started?

A: Dr Jeremy wore glasses as a kid and enjoyed playing sports, so naturally he made a lot of visits to his eye doctor growing up – he sometimes played harder than his glasses allowed! It sparked her interest in eye care, and watching her grandparents and parents develop their own businesses was a big inspiration to becoming a business owner.

Kati has always been both creative and analytical, which has led to a career in marketing and business development at healthcare and financial services companies. Studies of entrepreneurial management in business school accelerated his interest in running a small business, with a full knowledge of the variety and responsibility that comes with this path.

Together we have been providing comprehensive eye care services and a great selection of frames and contact lenses since 2009, when we lived in the Madison area. We are both originally from the Wausau area and we have had a wonderful experience raising our three children here. They are all in elementary school and always love coming to work with mom and dad! Kids even have their own pint-sized Pearle Vision uniform shirts to wear when visiting.

We opened two Pearle Vision locations in north-central Wisconsin in 2019 when we acquired Dr. Kathi Leach’s practice in Mosinee, and we grew further in 2020 when we acquired Dr. Rick Kjome’s practice in Antigo. We are excited to continue to provide excellent eye care to patients in this part of the state and have appreciated the contribution of new technologies to help manage patient eye health in the most advanced way possible.

Pearle Vision has locations throughout Wisconsin, including this practice in Antigo. Contribution photo

Q: What makes your business unique? What sets you apart?

A: Our practice group has a truly unique personality. At our heart, we are a local family business, and we truly care about providing a wonderful working environment for our team members and a personalized, high quality eye care experience for our patients. We are also proud to operate under the Pearle Vision name at our locations around Wausau. Having them as a national partner allows us to offer a wide selection of high quality frames at all prices and to offer a strong support network to allow our team members to excel in their work.

Q: What do you like the most about your job? What attracted you to this job?

A: Our patients consistently describe us as helpful, professional and excellent at explaining things during their eye exam. Dr Jeremy, Dr Jessica and our team members at Mosinee and Antigo all want to make sure that each of our patients feels fully informed about their eye health. We love when we can help a patient with a difficult prescription or eye health issue in a way others couldn’t.

Q: What are you most proud of?

A: We are very proud of the strong team we have assembled, the investment we have made in our practice locations and our technology, and our growth as a family business. Last year – 2020 – should have been a year of silly eyeglass prescription and eye care jokes, but ended up being a very intense year full of new trials and growth opportunities.

Working together and with a husband and wife team has been a great experience for us as individuals and for our family so far. We’re both very motivated people, and we’ve gone a lot further working together than when working in separate industries. It has also been very gratifying to show our kids the inner workings of owning a business, and all the hard work and responsibility that comes with going down this path.

Many of our patients have been with our practice for a very long time and have referred friends and family to our practice. We take this as a huge compliment! The relationships and friendships we have developed with our patients over the years are very important to us.

Q: What challenges did you have to overcome? Basically, if you had to do it all over again, would you do something different?

A: We have learned from all of our challenges over the past 12 years in business and we wouldn’t change a thing. Even the toughest challenges, like the financial constraints of the first days of starting up and the incredibly stressful months of COVID last year, have made us stronger and taught us valuable lessons that we are building on as we go. of our growth.

Q: What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Where do you see your business in five years? ten?

Our practice group has grown so much since 2019 that it’s hard to imagine where we will be in five or ten years! Regardless of the size of our company, our goals will remain the same: to provide the best possible eye care for our patients and to provide a pleasant place to work.


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