Couple hit with £800 vet bill after dog accidentally ate marijuana

A couple have been hit with a staggering £800 vet bill after their dog ate marijuana.

Maureen and Bob Wakeman had taken their six-month-old pup, Charlie, for a walk near Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary – initially.

The cocker spaniel took a short nap and ate his dinner as usual, but then he started acting “out of character”, pacing in the garden before becoming incontinent.

Charlie was in bad shape after eating the Class B drug. Credit: Sussex Live/BPM Media

Maureen and Bob – both in their 60s – then called their vet in Henfield, who recommended the New Priory out-of-hours vet in Patcham, where Charlie was rushed to around 8.15pm on Sunday October 2 .

The couple then received a bill for £802 for the care their beloved dog received; luckily they have pet insurance.

“I’m so sad for all of our lovely pets and very angry that this happened,” Maureen said. “I feel the need to share this with other pet owners.

“Fortunately, we have insurance. But some pet owners can’t afford insurance these days, that’s another problem.

“What do you do then?

“I think of the poor pet owners who innocently bought a pet and something horrible like that happens. How do they deal with the financial aspect?”

Luckily, Charlie is now back home and enjoying playing with his toys as usual. However, Maureen hopes the fear can raise awareness of the importance of cleaning up after ourselves and being vigilant when taking our dogs out.

She said: “Our pup loves the outside world, his nose is always glued to the ground.

“Can this happen again? My God yes. We need to be more vigilant and aware that our little Charlie got lucky.

Maureen fears for other dog owners who don't have <a class=pet insurance. Credit: Sussex Live/BPM Media” loading=”lazy”/>
Maureen fears for other dog owners who don’t have pet insurance. Credit: Sussex Live/BPM Media

Sarah Kenny was walking Max in a park near her home in St Helens, Merseyside, when he flew into a nearby bush.

However, she realized something was wrong once at home, with Max unable to stand, shaking and vomiting.

Veterinary nurse Sarah said: “He looked away, it looked like he was on drugs but I was throwing it away in my head thinking ‘it can’t be’.

“As soon as we started prepping him to go to the vet, he started throwing up.

“I could tell it was the chocolate that immediately set off the alarm, but then I smelled this really distinctive smell and knew it was cannabis.”

Thankfully, after a night on a drip at Rutland House Veterinary Hospital, he pulled through.

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