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Photo submitted The winning crown is presented by the Lakeshore Humane Society.

Over the past weekend, the Fourth Annual United Community Christmas Event kicked off, hosted by the United Way of North Chautauqua County.

This year, 17 local businesses entered what has become a wreath decorating competition. Contest proceeds, which are determined by entry fees and money raised from the wreath auction, are shared between the contest winner and United Way.

“Half of the prize pool is offered by the winner and the other half comes back to us” said Adam Dolce, director of Centraide. “It’s a 50-50 split and people can take the wreaths home with them, which is always well received. “

The winner of the contest is determined by which crown gets the most likes on the United Way Facebook page, but this year there is a second winner. The company with the highest auction on its crown will receive these funds separately, which they can donate to a charity of their choice.

This year’s winner was the Lakeshore Humane Society Crown, which was a first-time entry into the competition. While Dolce recognizes that Centraide and the Lakeshore Humane Society are not a typical twinning, it is up to both to get involved.

“They are not typical Centraide partners, but it is an excellent way for them to get involved and raise awareness of their own cause” Dolce said. “We were able to work together on something which was a lot of fun. “

In total, Dolce said nearly $ 2,500 will be divided between Centraide and Lakeshore Humane Society, who will donate to a charity of their choice. The Humane Society is one of many new entrants in this year’s competition, as the estate has nearly doubled according to Dolce.

The competition provides a great opportunity for businesses to build a team and help out during the holiday season.

“It gives them the opportunity to strengthen their team and make themselves known and many of them get involved to make a difference during the holidays” Dolce said. “It’s good for us as the United Way to show the strength of the community at this time of year. We are always very impressed with the companies that arrive, and we have had some exceptional wreaths this year.

Although this is the fourth year of the competition as a whole, it is only the second year that they are doing it with crowns. When the competition started, they were originally using Christmas trees donated by a family with surplus trees, then the trees were given to families who needed them, but they used up all of their trees after the second year.

“The first two years, all objects on the trees for a few companies would be removed and the trees would be donated”, Dolce said. “But we ran out of trees after year two, so we switched to crowns.”

As the holiday season is in full swing, Centraide is looking to give more than usual, and its annual Christmas contest is just another example.

The Lakeshore Humane Society crown won the competition with 176 Facebook likes. Included with the crown, the winning bidder received $ 50 at 9 Lives Holistic, $ 50 at Kwik Fill, $ 25 at PetMmart, $ 15 at Dunkin Donuts and $ 15 at Patty’s Pet Grooming.

To view all of the contest wreaths, visit

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