Delaware Humane Association to Merge with Delaware SPCA


The decision to go to the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) or the Delaware SPCA for animal welfare services is going to become much easier. The two organizations plan to merge.

Both are non-profit, no-kill animal welfare agencies. Officials said on Wednesday that the two are combining their resources and boards.

SPCA Executive Director Anne Cavanaugh will assume the role of COO, and DHA Managing Director Patrick Carroll will assume the role of CEO.

“We are somewhat in the same space in terms of animal welfare and animal welfare. We’ve both been around for a long time. We worked closely together, ”Carroll said. “It just makes sense. Our missions are very similar. The work we do is similar.

Carroll says there is a lot of overlap in services between the two organizations, but notes that the SPCA’s low-cost veterinary clinic will add to what DHA has to offer.

“We often turn people away here on our Wilmington campus because we don’t have a vet clinic,” he said. “We usually refer them to one of the other shelters. So at least we can tell those clients who need vet care, we can say we have another location and it’s only 15 minutes away.

The combined entities will share locations in Wilmington, Stanton / Newark and Rehoboth Beach. Carroll says the merger is expected to be finalized this fall and will not interrupt services at any of those sites. He also says there will be no staff change.

The merged organization will engage with a marketing company to decide on a new name.

Delaware is also served by the Brandywine Valley SPCA and the First State Animal Shelter and the SPCA.

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