Does using Chewy save you money on pet supplies?

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The quick answer? It could.

Key points

  • With Chewy, you can have pet supplies delivered to your doorstep.
  • Although Chewy’s prices are competitive, there may be a better deal elsewhere.

Adopting a pet is a huge financial undertaking. Not only do you have to factor in the cost of ongoing food and medicine, but when you first bring a pet into your home, you may have to make a serious dent in your savings account to charge things like a carrier and other necessary items. Provisions. Add the cost of pet insurance, which is a smart thing to have, and you really have to budget carefully when bringing a pet into the mix.

That said, there are steps you can take to save money when you have a pet. And one of those steps is finding the best source for things like food and medicine. (Keep in mind that even if you adopt a healthy pet with no problems, you may still have to pay for some preventative treatments, such as tick and heartworm medication for dogs.)

This is where Chewy comes in. Chewy is a service that lets you set up recurring pet supply deliveries. It’s a really convenient way to make sure you’re well stocked with the items you need without having to leave the house.

But does Chewy have the best prices? Maybe. In some cases, you could save a lot of money by ordering supplies through Chewy. But before you assume this is your best source for pet supplies, it’s important to shop around.

The benefits of using Chewy

There are a number of economic benefits you could enjoy by signing up with Chewy. First, you’ll get free shipping on your purchases as long as you spend $49. For a month’s supply of pet food and medicine, this threshold is easy to reach.

Plus, Chewy will usually give you a significant discount on the first auto-shipment of pet supplies you set up. Right now, you can save 35% on your first shipment. For recurring shipments, you can save 5%.

Does Chewy have the lowest prices?

It depends. In some cases Chewy will have the most competitive price you will find. And often it’s cheaper to buy supplies on Chewy than at a local pet store. But you may find that other retailers have a better deal on recurring shipping and supplies.

Amazon, for example, offers a wide range of pet products at low prices. And if you sign up for recurring deliveries through its Subscribe & Save program, you can save extra money on the cost of your goods.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Costco member, it pays to see if the warehouse club stocks your favorite brands. If so, you can find it at a cheaper price than on Chewy. It’s also worth noting that Costco has its own brand of dog food, so if your pet is a fan, you could save money by buying it regularly.

Do your research

You could save a nice amount of money by using Chewy for your pet care needs. But ultimately, your best bet is to compare prices from different retailers before making the decision to use Chewy.

That said, since Chewy offers such a steep discount on your first autoship, it might be worth signing up for an autoship and then canceling your recurring shipments afterward. Like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, Chewy lets you cancel at any time, so you might want to reap those initial savings before moving on to a cheaper alternative.

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