Dog hit by car and shot dead is inspiration for the Maui Humane Society


A dog allegedly hit by a car and hit in the head with a .22 caliber bullet managed to survive the heartbreaking incidents thanks to the Good Samaritan and six weeks of care at the Maui Humane Society.

11-month-old puppy She Ra walked around the yard of retired teacher Steven Kanada, 73, on Saturday, June 5.

“We found the dog in our backyard and he drank a gallon of water, he was so thirsty,” Kanada told the Maui Humane Society. “The dog was friendly, so we took her inside. The highway is behind our house, maybe that’s where it came from.

Kanada wrapped the dog up and brought him to the Maui Humane Society, fearing the worst. Upon admission to the shelter, it was noted that the young female puppy had a circular hole in her temple which was bleeding from bodily injuries consistent with a rash and had a large open sore on her jaw.

She Ra’s X Rays. PC: Maui Humane Society.

On-call vet Dr Jennifer Fitzpatrick rushed to the shelter to assess the situation and provide the dog with pain relievers, antibiotics and wound treatment. Her jaw was supported while x-rays were ordered.


To Dr. Fitzpatrick’s surprise, the resulting x-rays showed bullet fragments all over the dog’s head. The wound on his temple was where the bullet entered, it chipped his cheekbone, went through the roof of his mouth and lodged in his shattered jaw, according to MHS.


“Through her injuries, we can build a hypothetical story of how she became in this condition,” said Dr. Fitzpatrick. “We suspect she was hit by a car and injured her leg. And one can only think that someone with the best intentions, however misguided, attempted to euthanize him by shooting him in the head. Unfortunately, this greatly added to his suffering and could have ended the life of a dog with a very treatable injury. “

According to MHS, despite severe pain, the dog maintained an “incredibly gentle and loving disposition.” The staff named her She Ra, saying her resolve was as powerful as the heroine in the cartoon.

Maui Humane vets pinned She Ra’s jawbone, removed broken teeth, and staff mixed her meals for special nutrition. Volunteers helped her learn to walk on a leash and play with doggie friends.


She Ra’s care continued at a foster family last month where MHS says she has made a tremendous recovery. “This inflatable puppy is now ready to find her forever home where she will continue to inspire others with her incredible story of hope and determination,” shelter officials said.

The Maui Humane Society has law enforcement officers and veterinarians on call around the clock to respond to emergencies. The public can call for help when a stray animal is injured to avoid unnecessary suffering. The emergency line is 877-3680 ext. 222.

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