Donation hopes to help Eau Claire Co. dog find a furry family

EAU CLAIRE CO., Wis. (WEAU) – Each year, more than six million animals are taken to shelters in the United States, according to the ASPCA.

A special-needs dog in Eau Claire County receives a financial donation in hopes of helping him reunite with his forever family.

Lola has been with Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) since September.

“She really loves her treats,” said ECCHA Executive Director Shelley Janke. “She loves to go for walks.”

For the most part, Lola is like many dogs.

However, she has some unique challenges.

“As you can see, she has an eye injury.” says Janke. “She lost her eye in a kennel accident, and she’s eight years old, plus she also has a lump on her front paw.”

Janke said vets at the shelter recommended not removing the growth due to concerns about how it would affect Lola’s balance, particularly with her eyesight already affected by the eye she lost before she left. come to the shelter.

“The procedure to remove it, to figure it out, would cause him a lot of stress,” Janke said. “I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but we’re also in a shelter situation here, so it’s already a stressful situation.”

Sometimes animals with special needs are overlooked by potential adopters, Janke said.

For one member of the community, Lola had an impact.

“She’s ready for adoption here at the Humane Society,” ECCHA volunteer Kevin Renley said in a video promoting Lola’s adoption. “We have a special offer with Lola. She gets free veterinary services for the next five years up to $15,000 if you bring her home. She’s such a nice girl.

Renley is the president of the construction company Market & Johnson. He is also the one who finances Lola’s veterinary expenses.

Janke said that since Renley couldn’t adopt her himself because she needed a home without other pets, he made a large donation to ensure she found a new family.

“He absolutely fell in love with this dog,” Janke said. “He comes here and volunteers regularly, and he really wants to see her go to a house.”

At present, Lola has a good health record.

Janke said Renley hopes the donation will help ease any potential family’s financial worries about adopting Lola.

If you are interested in adopting Lola, click HERE for a link to the adoption application.

Lola needs a family with no other pets. She does well with children, but the shelter staff aren’t sure how she will do with young children.

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