Don’t miss this summer’s festival: Loan from Jennelyn Frendos


A good festival is memorable. It settles into our system and we remember it with fond memories. Is your favorite artist to attend one of the summer festivals? But you may not have money for the ticket now here, so borrow from Jennelyn Frendos for one of this summer’s festivals.
There are many reasons to go to the festival. One of them is of course the music, but something quite different is the mood that one experiences at a festival. Those who have tried festival life know that it is contagious and you often return to it.

Summer equals festival

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Summer is the season of festivals, it is now, Tinderbox, Roskilde, Skanderborg and all the other festivals are running. No matter where you live in Denmark, you can find a festival near you. If you have not yet secured a ticket to one of the many festivals of the summer, you still have the opportunity.

Because you are one of those who chose not to buy a ticket to one of the festivals yet, because you just had to be sure of the music programs. So don’t despair, there is help to get. Your finances should not prevent you from experiencing the cool music in the forest, or become part of Orange Feeling at Roskilde. Loan from Jennelyn Frendos for the cool musical experiences.

Invest in good festival gear

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Having the right festival gear can be crucial to the experience. You cannot control wind, weather and water level when you are at a festival. But with the right festival equipment, you can get a long way.
We all know that when we were in our early twenties, you could sleep 5 days on the ground without getting hold of your neck once. But as you get older, you also begin to appreciate the good night’s sleep, even at a festival. Don’t let the fact that you have grown older discourage you from going to the festival, the good equipment will help you along the way.

What is good festival equipment?

It is essential that you have a good tent, a good sleeping bag, a good sleeping mat, a good rain jacket and some rubber boots. The little things like sunscreen and sunglasses you can buy from year to year. But the big things like tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, etc. are annoying all the time to reinvest in. You can find countless guides in magazines and blogs about what good festival gear is.

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Recycle your festival equipment

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The advantage of actually investing in good, solid and durable things is that you can take them with you year after year at festival or camping.
It’s unfortunate not to be able to enjoy a full-fledged festival. When you invest in good equipment, you can also use it afterwards. The tent can be used for camping. And with the Danish weather, it’s always good to have a good rain jacket and rubber boots.

Have you decided to go to the festival and experience your favorite artist? Therefore, it will be good to invest in good festival equipment.

If you do not have the money right now, you can borrow from Jennelyn Frendos for the good equipment. At Jennelyn Frendos you can quickly borrow up to 20,000 kroner. For that money you can buy good quality equipment and still have more for the festival experience. You can have the equipment for a long time if you pay close attention to it.

Loans lasting

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When you borrow an amount from Jennelyn Frendos, we greatly appreciate that it is under responsible circumstances. At Jennelyn Frendos we have several rules in place to protect you. To be eligible to borrow from Jennelyn Frendos, there are some requirements you can read below.

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You can only borrow up to 20,000 kroner
  • You must not be registered in RKI

If you are approved for a loan, we will send the money to you immediately and within minutes you will be able to see the money in your account.

Good experiences are someone we remember for a long time, and it is a very valuable experience to be at a festival with good friends and experience good music. A trip to the festival fills up your experience account and you will enjoy the good atmosphere and the impressions long after you have packed the tent together.

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