Federal government says identity thief Alexander Weatherspoon impersonated Bernie Madoff in premium car finance scam


A Chicago man bought a $ 56,000 Dodge Charger Hellcat using a fake driver’s license, which bore the name of an unsuspecting identity theft victim and a photograph of the late Bernie Madoff, Ponzi scheme, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in a US federal court.

Alexander Weatherspoon has stolen numerous identities and financed high-end automobiles, including at least two Charger Hellcats and a Porsche Panamera, prosecutors say. In October 2018, Weatherspoon used the identity of a man in Tempe, Ariz., And the license with Madoff’s mug on it to fund a 2016 orange Hellcat from a dealership in Fairview Heights, Ill., The report says. complaint. Somehow, Madoff’s photo went unnoticed and the car was delivered to Atlanta, where Weatherspoon had then moved. But Weatherspoon was already on law enforcement radar for other suspicious transactions, and cops searched his iCloud account for clues.

United States District Court for the District of Indiana

Weatherspoon told the FBI he actually bought the vehicle “from a skinny guy with buckles (name unknown) on the street for $ 25,000,” according to the complaint. He now faces charges of mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and misrepresentation. We didn’t know if he had a lawyer.

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