Flood toll in Europe exceeds 160 dead, costly reconstruction ahead | World news


“It’s disaster after disaster after disaster. But we will not abandon Limburg,” the southern province affected by the floods, he added. His government declared the floods a state of emergency, opening up national funds for those affected.

Among other efforts to help flood victims, the Hertog Jan brewery, based in the affected area, distributed 3,000 cases of beer so residents could lift their belongings off the ground to protect them from the floods.

An emergency dike in the town of Horn failed and some houses were flooded. Authorities have issued a warning to stay out of the Meuse because of the debris. Rescuers worked to save a cow stuck up to her neck in muddy water.

Across Germany, flooding occurred on Saturday evening following torrential rains in the Saechsische Schweiz area near Dresden and across the border in the Czech Republic.

Roads, basements and railways were flooded, disrupting rail service between the Czech town of Decin and Bad Schandau, Germany. A children’s summer camp on the Czech side had to be evacuated.

In Austria, a flash flood swept through the town of Hallein, near the German border, on Saturday evening. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Twitter that heavy rains and storms were causing severe damage in several parts of Austria.

“Thank you to all the first responders and volunteers who go out of their way to help! We will not leave those affected alone and will support reconstruction, ”he wrote.

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