Henderson County News: Someone should adopt Captain Chewie for Christmas

Someone should adopt Captain Chewie for Christmas

Captain Chewie, a 4 year old large mixed breed dog, has had a tough road on his way to what he hopes will be his forever home.

Captain Chewie was found by Henderson County Animal Control in a ditch in the middle of the night. The dog was in very poor condition. He was very thin, had no hair, painful and bleeding skin, and his severely injured eye had to be removed quickly. Without immediate treatment, Chewie was unlikely to succeed. The West Carolina Regional Animal Shelter stepped in and removed his eye and began treating his wound and skin in the home at no cost. The doctors could see that Chewie was very affectionate despite his condition.
Chewie stayed with hospital staff for over a month until caregivers called the Blue Ridge Humane Society to ask if the agency could accommodate the puppy. The staff at Blue Ridge Humane immediately went to meet the puppy and were very impressed with how happy to consider everything he had been through.
The shelter staff and volunteers quickly fell in love with a dog’s adorable gaff.

“We quickly found out why his name was Captain Chewie when we heard him yell exactly like Chewbacca,” said Crystal Tysz, Manager of Training and Behavior at Blue Ridge. “It was a really good impression. He also likes to show off his collection of pajamas that we bought him to protect his skin. He moves his body all the time in happiness.”

Captain Chewie’s biggest wish is a home for the holidays. Blue Ridge Humane Society is offering to waive adoption fees until December 23 to help make this Christmas wish come true for Captain Chewie and other animals awaiting adoption.
If you are interested in adopting Captain Chewie, visit www.blueridgehumane.org to submit your adoption application. A member of the adoption team will contact you immediately.

To donate or learn how to volunteer, visit the Blue Ridge Humane Society website at www.blueridgehumane.org or call (828) 692-2639.

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