Here are the 10 Most Expensive Dog and Cat Breeds to Insure – Expensive Pets

The study, commissioned by financial experts Forbes Advisor, also found that more than half of owners admit to underestimating the cost of having a pet.

Medical costs are the number one expense, costing an average of £462.80 a year – even more than food, which costs owners around £340 a year.

Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at Forbes Advisor recommends that owners consider insuring their pets to manage costs, explaining, “One thing any pet owner will tell you is that a visit to the vet – probably unavoidable at some point – can be extremely expensive.

“This makes pet insurance such an important purchase. Having coverage in place means pet lovers don’t have to worry about paying for any care their pet might need, and they won’t have to. no need to dip into their savings or even go overdrawn to pay the vet bill.

But pet insurance can vary wildly depending on the breed of dog or cat.

Here are the 10 most expensive dog and cat breeds to insure.

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