Here’s how to get insurance for your pet in the event of unexpected illness or injury


Oyen is Malaysia’s premier digital pet insurance platform and enables pet owners to digitally purchase and manage medical insurance for their cats and dogs without physical paperwork. You can submit your claims online and receive up to RM8,000 for surgery, medication and diagnostic costs.

– For licensed cats and dogs aged 12 weeks to 10 years
– Must be microchipped (dogs only)
– Must provide medical card certification from a licensed veterinarian (cats only)
– No injury or physical injury on the start date of your insurance
– Not a breed prohibited or restricted by the government or public or local authority

– Coverage of up to RM 8,000 in veterinary medical expenses in the event of accidental illness or injury
– Covers overnight stays, diagnosis and follow-up treatments
– Covers burial or cremation costs up to RM 1000
– Liability coverage up to RM 50,000
– Refundable visits to registered veterinary clinics in Malaysia
– Provides compensation for accidental damage or injury to others

Exclusions (not exhaustive):
– Pre-existing conditions
– Illness or accident during the 14 day waiting period
– Routine and preventive treatments
– Congenital conditions
– Behavioral diseases
– Pregnancy
– Working pets

RM25 – RM42 per month (for cats)
RM42 – RM67 per month (for dogs)
Depends on the type of insurance plan.

Visit their website for more information.

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