Homeward Bound Humane Society has a cat overflow



The human society linked to the house is at cat-pacity. Employees say they get too many cats and kittens and not enough adopted and placed. Melissa Cooney, of Channel 3, spoke with them today to find out more about the cause of this problem.

“People are fighting. For one reason or another, they struggle. And we see it. And the animals can smell it. And the building feels it, ”said Carly Lehrer, the head of the refuge of the humanitarian company linked to the return home.

The back-home humanitarian society in Middlebury is filled to the brim with 129 cats and kittens with 30 on the way – in addition to the guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and birds that also live there. “We have a lot of cats – this is the time of the season when most people abandon them because they want dogs or it’s too much to take care of. So we have a lot of adult cats that are abandoned, ”said Abbigail Rivait, cat care worker.

Letting go of an animal is called “surrendering” – something that is well known at the moment.

Employees say 418 of the 575 animals housed came from the surrender.

At the same time last year, only 247 animals were returned. What is causing this huge surge? There seem to be several reasons.

“Everyone was at home, everyone thought they had to take a dog or a cat to rescue and then they would go back to work and their life would pick up and maybe the progress they thought was going to be. do with this animal may not have happened, ”Lehrer said. .

This is not the only cause linked to COVID. Lehrer also says some people began to find themselves homeless after the state of emergency ended, leaving no place for an animal to live.

The easing of COVID restrictions means fewer families are foster parents for animals, a program they saw increase when COVID-19 began.

“Honestly, getting so many surrenders makes me sad because of all the cats we can’t take right now,” Rivait said.

So the back home team gets creative. They are organizing an adoption sale for cats and kittens for the start of the school year.

Company “We hope that people will go back to school and get back to their routine, and be done with that long-awaited summer vacation that they want to add to their family,” said Lehrer.

Oakley Rivers and her family have 2 adopted cats back home. He said – it was love at first purr. “He was really sweet from the start,” Rivers said.

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