‘It’s bad’: over 100 cats found in what could be Arkansas’ biggest animal hoarding case


HELENA -WEST HELENA, Arche. (WREG– More than 100 abandoned cats have been discovered in what authorities believe is the largest animal hoarding case Arkansas has ever seen.

And those responsible for rescuing the animals are asking the public for help.

Maggie Bradley, the founder of Biscuit’s Legacy, said she was briefed on Saturday of a possible hoarding situation at a property in Faulkner County, Arkansas. She immediately enlisted the help of the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.

However, Bradley said nothing could prepare her for what she found.

“It’s bad. I know I keep saying it’s bad, but I can’t express the bad enough to you,” she said. “We wear protective gear against hazardous materials and respirators because of the ammonia. “

More than 100 cats were found in two buildings. Bradley said the owner is an elderly woman who recently moved into an assisted living facility.

“These cats live in this house filled with garbage, feces, urine and possibly cats that have been dead for months, if not years,” he added. Humane Society uploaded.

Bradley said many cats apparently suffered from various medical conditions. The Humane Society has moved its current cats to other locations to make room for rescued cats.

“They turned their cat room into a hospital for this colony of cats,” she said.

The estimated cost of care is approximately $ 25,000. They ask the public for monetary donations, blankets, cat food or anything else that will help them take care of the animals until they are ready for adoption.

“Whatever you’ve hid, there’s a good chance we could find some use for these cats with them,” Bradley said.

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WREG asked if charges would be filed in the case, and the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office said it was not involved and the situation was being handled by the Humane Society.

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