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For nearly two centuries, our reporters have worked tirelessly to bring the most important news of the day to our readers. We are here to serve the community. We are here to serve you.

Let’s eliminate one thing: yes, the last year has been incredibly difficult.

Deadly pandemic. Polarizing election. Racial injustice, nocturnal demonstrations and vandalism of city centers. Job losses and business closures. Parents and children struggling with virtual education and a locked world.

Sometimes the news seems to take your breath away before you’ve even crawled out of bed.

But challenge yourself to take a closer look. Strive to see the whole picture. When you do, you’ll find plenty of people in Madison and across Wisconsin who have some truly inspiring stories to share.

This is what our reporters at the Wisconsin State Journal have learned in recent months.

Shortly after the New Year we promised ourselves two things: 1) Yes, of course, we will continue to report the news, however dire it may seem some days, as we are here to serve you and the rest of our community. . But, 2) We will also find and share stories of success, persistence and optimism.

Many of these stories come directly from the Madison area business community.

For starters, our biotech and healthcare companies – like Fitchburg-based Promega Corp. and the Madison plant of pharmaceutical company Catalent Biologics – jumped into the action to make products that would make testing much easier, treatments and vaccines.


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