Kansas will help workers resist Biden’s COVID vaccine warrants | national news

One question is whether these state laws can be enforced because federal law is supreme.

Supporters argued that the Kansas measure would stand because it would not conflict with Biden’s mandates, which allow religious exemptions. But some business owners and the Kansas House were skeptical. They feared companies would be caught between conflicting state and federal mandates.

“You’re going to make the wrong decision no matter what,” said Alan Rupe, a Wichita lawyer who represents companies in employment law cases.

Many Democrats saw the bill as a largely symbolic measure that offers little real protection for workers who want to resist vaccination warrants.

Democratic state representative Vic Miller, of Topeka, called it a “sham,” saying the question of whether workers can avoid Biden’s mandates will be settled by federal lawsuits that challenge them. Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, a Republican who seeks to oust Kelly in next year’s gubernatorial race, has filed Kansas in three multi-state lawsuits.

Some Democrats were also upset that senior Republicans told GOP lawmakers that Kelly’s staff indicated ahead of the final Legislative Assembly votes that she would sign the measure – before Democrats heard from her office.

“In the end, I think we will all regret the compromise,” said Representative John Carmichael, a Democrat from Wichita. “It may appease some people, but I think the governor made a bad deal.”

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