Kershaw County Agents and Humanitarian Society Help Abandoned Animals Return to Health and Find Forever Homes


CAMDEN, SC (WOLO) – Law enforcement officers are used to helping those in need, but they can’t always find the animals that need their help.

Last weekend, Kershaw County law enforcement officers found furry friends who appeared to have been abandoned.

“You see that sort of thing. I think it’s worth saying that there are so many places to put the animals back. There really is no need to do what happened to these puppies and the kitten, ”said Bob Citrullo, director of the Kershaw County Humane Society.

It all started with Kershaw County law enforcement officers helping a stranded motorist. After hearing another noise, they found 3 more who needed help.

“There was movement, that’s when they came down to the embankment to investigate. That’s when they discovered the two puppies that were still in the pillowcase, ”Citrullo said. “At this point, we suspect that all three were in the pillowcase together. Unfortunately, it looks like they were thrown over the bridge.

The kitten has gone to a cat shelter and both dogs have foster families at the moment.

“How do you hurt something like that?” I love dogs and I have a dog at home, ”said foster mother Danielle Allen. “I am doing what I can to help and find a home forever for these sweet angels.”

Danielle and her neighbor help the dogs get back to full health.

“They are not at their best because they are very thin and have parasites. We’re already working on this, ”Citrullo said. “Other than that, we didn’t see any injuries from the fall. That’s very good news.”

The puppies have made progress this week as they gain weight.

“They are. They look a thousand times better than when we picked them up on Saturday,” Allen said. “They were literally skin and bones. You could see every bone in their body. It was super sad to look at. to concern.

Now the two are starting to have fun in their new temporary home.

“They’re definitely going to have personalities. It’s cool to see them come out because they feel more secure, ”Allen said.

In a few weeks, the puppies will be put up for adoption.

The director of the humanitarian company says they would prefer a house with children and a fence, but just need caring owners and a forever home.

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