Lee-Russell Council of Governments uses emergency experience to help citizens | Lifestyles



Over the years, the Lee-Russell Council of Governments has been called upon to respond to many emergencies, but never anything to compare with the challenges posed in a year of COVID.

With a large number of practical services, LRCOG has worked tirelessly and creatively to deliver to its customers, on many fronts.

Lee-Russell Council of Governor is a regional planning agency that provides aging, transit, and economic planning and development programs to our member governments to promote collaborative efforts, develop and administer grants and to serve as a clearinghouse to attract and administer for the federal government, the states. , and local funds that come to our region. In response to the pandemic, the Lee-Russell Council of Governments has been busier than ever and has continued to serve the elderly and disabled, transit customers, businesses and citizens of Lee and Russell counties. during this difficult time. We continue to look for additional ways to meet the needs of the community and provide essential services to the people we serve through our many programs. All of our services continued uninterrupted, albeit often in new and innovative ways. In addition to our existing programs, we have served residents of Lee and Russell counties in the following ways:


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