Letter to the Editor: Humane Society Request for more space | Rogersville

The Hawkins County Humane Society submitted a new building proposal Thursday evening (December 2) to the Hawkins County Advisory Committee as part of the U.S. COVID bailout. It is a federally funded plan and does not consume any county or city taxes.

The Hawkins County Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization and receives less than 30% of its revenue from the county. The proposal was supported by a room full of attendees for the desperately needed additional space for the animal shelter. Hawkins County and surrounding areas are currently going through a crisis due to an increase in the number of stray dogs and cats and the surrender of owners. The increase in the number of animals and homelessness began last year during the pandemic when people started to return to work, were forced to move out, lost all or part of their income, suffered animal rental restrictions, etc.

Sadly, animal roaming continues to worsen, creating a county-wide problem. The Hawkins County Humane Society has welcomed over 700 dogs and cats in previous years. This year, in 2021, thanks to their modest budget, the Humane Society transferred 1,000 animals while maintaining our “No-Kill” policy. Currently, the staff at the animal shelter are inundated with calls and requests for help.

The Humane Society is working with intake care providers, using waiting lists, Facebook posts, etc., but they need more space! This is by far the worst conditions for our dogs and cats that the Humane Society has ever known. The Hawkins County Humane Society estimates that if they had a new building to complement their old building, they could double their animal transition from 700-1000 to 1400-2000.

A new building is needed to help show and care for our county dogs and cats. The proposed new building will be adjacent to our current animal shelter.

The new building would double the space and capacity of the kennel to house more animals while they wait for their fur hearth. This building has several essential rooms, including: animal examinations; treatments for animals; laundry; meet / greet each other; reception, staff room and hall.

Please help our furry companions have a better life by doing what you can to support the Hawkins County Humane Society’s request for their critical needs for more animal shelter space.

Humanitarian Society Board of Directors

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