Letter to the editor: There might have been a better end to a puppy argument

As a dog lover and owner, I feel compelled to write about the dilemma at Maine’s “Jaxx” Veterinary Medical Center. As in most situations, the truth here lies somewhere in the middle. The vitriol emanating from social media and the threatening voicemails are simply untrue and uncivilized. However, something is very here. That an anonymous “someone” stepped in so quickly and absorbed this astronomical bill on this obvious high-end purebred dog is suspicious at best. It has a smell.

Also, the fact that he left so soon after a major operation. Their fees are exorbitant, but emergencies leave no options. This is where ethics and morality come in. Jaxx’s owner wins here by sacrificing himself to save him. No dog to bring home, but a big bill to pay. I’m sure she regrets any missteps in her judgment, perhaps simply due to her inexperience.

I’m not questioning MVMC’s dedication or skill. There is a choice here though. This alternative would be a more reasonable time to raise funding for an average pet owner. Seventy-two hours after filing for surrender is more than fair. This is not oversimplifying. It’s honest and fair for everyone.

This family has no closure and that is reprehensible. MVMC re-evaluating its protocol would be a win-win in the future. I’m not asking them to drop their charges. It’s unrealistic. It could be a best business practice that would improve their public relations.

Marcia Syvinsky
South Berwick

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