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MADISON – The village is in the running for a potential new business. According to the Cleveland Business Journal, Camping World Holdings Inc. wants to build two new 15-acre SuperCenter locations in Ohio.

One location could be in Sunbury, just off I-71 and State Route 36. The other could be in Madison, at the southwest end of Water Tower Drive, near I-90 .

Nothing is fixed, however.

Madison Village Administrator Dwayne Bailey said the plans were in their infancy. And the village only received a letter of intent to buy the plot of nearly 15 arches.

“The plans are on the drawing board for this, but nothing is concrete yet,” Bailey said. “There is just a letter of intent to buy the land.

Camping World offers products, accessories and services for campers and RV owners. Camping World, which also owns Gander RV & Outdoors, has over 160 locations across the country.

Bailey said that “the landowner” is suing a subdivision to extend Water Tower Drive to accommodate the facility. Madison has not received any construction or site plans for the property.

Approval for the subdivision is currently under review by Madison, according to Bailey. He does not know when the construction or site plans will be sent to the village. More information will be available if the subdivision is approved.

“There are other zoning questions that will need to be answered once we have their intention of knowing exactly what type of structure and what type of use will be on the property.”

The potential addition to Madison was due to the community’s participation in the 2020 U.S. Census, according to Lake County Commissioner John R. Hamercheck. He said businesses have emphasized the importance of the census because it shows activity in a community.

According to Hamercheck, Lake County had a higher self-reported census in 2020 than in 2010. The county let communities work independently to collect the information.

“It fits their models,” Hamercheck said. “This has been one of the main stumbling blocks for 90 and 528.”

Hamercheck believes that the addition of Camping World will not have a negative impact on Mentor RV, but could complement each other.

“Exciting times, I cannot stress this enough,” said Hamercheck.

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