Mid-valley sees pet industry explode during pandemic | Local


Through a partnership with Heartland Humane Society, new pet owners can redeem a coupon at Animal Crackers after adopting an animal from the shelter. Lindburg said she still sees people walk in with these coupons every day.

While the business side of the pet industry is doing well, new pet owners themselves may be the ones who are struggling. Animal cracker sales manager Miriam Orzol said she has spoken to customers who see behavioral issues with their pets.

Orzol said many people adopted pets while stranded at home and looking for a mate. While she said it’s a good thing overall, pets and owners can run into issues as daily routines change and owners return to work.

Animal Crackers even started curating their selection to include treats and toys related to potential behavioral issues new pet owners face.

For example, the store is expanding its selection of soothing treats. Orzol said new pets may experience separation anxiety as their owners start leaving the house more often than they were when the pandemic started. This can lead to animals chewing on sofas and tearing up pillows and other items around the house.

Orzol believes the United States idealized the idea of ​​having a dog, especially a puppy. As a result, some owners do not always know what they are doing. It’s dangerous to have a pet for the first time during a global crisis, according to Orzol. However, Lindburg added that the pandemic has benefited the adoption process as shelters are no longer crowded and people are forced to wait for an appointment to have a pet.

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