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Puppy post-pandemic training

As they return to the world, people who have adopted pandemic puppies find that their new pets lack the coping skills to adapt to being home alone for long periods of time. Humane Society Silicon Valley, where the number of people adopting or trying to adopt puppies continues to be at an all time high, has some steps new puppy parents can take to start teaching their pets around the house and cage training.

Put the puppy on a schedule. Meal, recess, walk and workout times should stay the same every day for the first few months.

Watch their food and water intake. By knowing when and how much they ate, owners can more accurately predict when their pets may need to go out.

Cage training to confine puppies when owners are unable to supervise them should then begin early in a pet’s life. Cages should have enough room for the puppies to lie down and turn around, but not so much that there is extra space for them to do their business. Introduce the crate slowly and use treats to make it a positive and relaxing space, and remember that puppies can only be caged for short periods of time.

Puppies should also be rewarded for doing their business in the right place.

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