No place for cruelty to animals in a human society – Hayley Matthews


I'm right behind the ban on cruel glue traps

I’m right behind the ban on cruel glue traps

Seeing a little mouse struggling as it was glued to a sheet of glue was just horrible. How could this be legal?

If I’m being honest, I can’t understand how anyone in their right mind could come up with such an invention, let alone go ahead and sell them.

They are just plain horrible and cruel, not to say unnecessary, as I’m sure they are a lot less brutal and painful ways to move an unwanted visitor.

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I must therefore say that I was delighted to see during the week that the RSPCA gave its full support to indications that the cruel and unnecessary use of glue traps could be banned.

These horrible things consist of a sheet of plastic, cardboard or wood covered with a non-drying adhesive designed to trap rodents such as mice and rats as they walk across the board. For me, this is unnecessary and outrageously cruel.

The tabling of a private member’s bill calling for a ban on the use of these traps is great news. He has government backing and after reading the figures the RSPCA received 236 reports of glue trap incidents at its 2016-2020 cruelty line involving animals including cats, garden birds, hedgehogs, squirrels and even a parrot – I’m all behind any animal charity or government that wants these ridiculous things banned.

Can we even call ourselves humans if we offer devices like this? Here to see the backs of them!

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