North Bay News: Dozens of dogs and cats microchipped at Barkfest

A long line of cars wrapped around the Humane Society parking lot in North Bay on Saturday morning as dozens of cats and dogs were microchipped.

This is part of the shelter’s annual Barkfest event where pets can be microchipped for a lower cost than usual.

“It’s a great form of identification because it’s permanent and doesn’t go anywhere,” said Jessica Kokol, administrator of the Humane Society.

“The microchip is a little bit smaller than a grain of rice and it’s inserted into the back of the neck and…it’s there forever. So any animal agency or veterinarian would be able to scan an animal and then we get contact information and get the pet reunited with the family.”

Kokol told CTV News that far fewer animals would come to the shelter if all animals were microchipped.

“I tell people all the time that if everyone microchipped their pets, we would definitely have a lot less kennels here,” she said.

“We get a lot of dogs all the time, some of them we know don’t have homes. We get a lot of strays from the community, some have gone out, jumped the fence, sometimes we’re able to find the owners. “

Dogs that are microchipped, however, “we can take them home that afternoon,” she added.

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