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By the numbers

Highlights of estimated economic impacts on North Platte in 2024 if Sustainable Beef LLC is fully operational by then, based on analysis for company organizers by Creighton University economics professors Ernie Goss and Scott Strain:

Total impacts, 2024

»Economic production (direct and indirect): $ 1,159,595,233

»Employment: 1,974 (direct to the factory, 870; indirect, other companies, 1,104)

»Labor income (wages, salaries and self-employment income, direct and indirect): $ 104,123,091

»Estimated taxable value, TIF basis (real estate before construction of the plant): $ 167,701

»Total estimated taxable value (real estate + taxable movable property): $ 228,007,772 (2021 valuation: zero, tax exempt)

»Total property taxes, TIF basis (all North Platte local governments): $ 3,471 (2021 total: zero, tax exempt)

»Total property taxes including TIF rebates (all local authorities in North Platte): $ 2,499,939 (2021 total: zero, tax exempt)

»Municipal sales taxes (direct and indirect): $ 482,447

»Combined property taxes, City and North Platte public schools (direct and indirect): $ 2,348,457

»Taxes, all sources (direct and indirect): $ 3,753,009

Direct and indirect jobs by industry, 2024

»Sustainable Beef Plant: 870

“” All other sectors “(includes jobs supporting the plant or using its products): 560

»Livestock and agriculture: 196

»Trucking: 111

»Restaurants and drinking places: 93

»Wholesale stores: 57

»Monetary authorities and depositary credit intermediation activities: 36

»Animal production (excluding cattle, poultry and eggs): 33

»State and local electric utilities: 14

»Manufacture of other animal feeds: 3

“Total: 1,974 (rounded)

Other impacts and notes

The study estimates the economic impact on North Platte of “imputed rental activity for owner-occupied dwellings” at $ 12,323,267 in 2024.

The figures presented here only cover the estimated economic impacts within the city of North Platte limits. Sustainable beef would also generate economic impacts in border counties and throughout rural Nebraska.

The estimates were generated by the “IMPLAN Multiplier System”, a low-cost software based on economic inputs and outputs and using multipliers produced by the US Forest Service.

Sources: Goss & Associates, 2021; future tax and assessment estimates based on baseline figures from the Nebraska Department of Revenue, North Platte local governments, and the Lincoln County Assessor’s Office)

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