Nursing company supports regional cancer patients


MADISON (WKOW) – Logan Brodsky spends his days caring for cancer patients at UW Health’s Carbon Cancer Center. When she leaves work, she focuses on her new small business, Happy Badger Headbands, and that work benefits her patients as well.

“Headbands really never came to me because these headbands, a part of all profits, help support the patients I care for as a nurse,” she said. “It meant more to me than anything I could have thought of.”

Brodsky said the money goes into a fund controlled by nurses on his unit, and that they can spend it to help patients and families in any way they need to.

“Maybe it’s their birthday with their partner, but they’re in the hospital so they can’t celebrate it,” she said. “So we’ll use a gift card to buy flowers for their partner for their birthday or a cake for their birthday. ”

She said a frequent purchase is gift cards for gasoline or groceries.

“It seems so small to us to offer something that doesn’t have a lot of monetary value, but it is meaningful to them,” Brodsky said.

She said being able to support patients with gifts became even more important during the pandemic, as patients couldn’t have visitors and were often alone during appointments and treatments.

“Being alone and being told you have cancer is difficult,” she said. “The funds have allowed us to help people who feel very lonely and who are really afraid, feel, you know, that they don’t have to be afraid, and that we will be there for them.”

Now Brodsky is preparing for the Happy Badger headbands to continue to grow.

The company is partnering with Forward Madison and the Flock Soccer Foundation to sell a special collection to match the team’s jerseys.

“Our mission statement within the herd is to create positive social change, and what Happy Badger Headbands were doing, those missions overlap so well,” said FSF President Liam Geoghegan Smith.

Geoghegan Smith works alongside Brodsky at UW Health, and he said it was special to see the results of Happy Badger Headbands’ work firsthand.

“Over the past year and a half we’ve seen so many families get absolutely overwhelmed by the news and then bring them up to see how we can actually be more personal,” he said. “It’s great to be a part of their healthcare team, but being a part of their healthcare family is so much more rewarding. “

He said he hoped the additional exposure would be the kick-off the company needs to be able to help even more patients.

“I want them to go everywhere,” he said. “I want people to walk down the street in Louisiana, Venice, Brisbane, Australia, and see a blindfold and say, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s Wisconsin, Madison,’ he said. .

You can buy a Happy Badger headband from their store.

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