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Kitten needs your help

Meet the Okanagan Humane Society‘s new rescue.

This three-week-old kitten was found by the Okanagan Humane Society injured on a farm in Osoyoos with a badly infected eye. He was quickly transported to Burtch Animal Hospital in Kelowna for emergency surgery.

“We had to do an enucleation, that is to say the removal of the eyes. The kitten had a ruptured cornea and eye contents were leaking out of the eye, so we had to perform emergency surgery to ensure he no longer felt any discomfort,” explained Dr Nav Dhaliwal from the Burtch Animal Hospital.

Okanagan Humane Society President Romany Runnalls says farms can often be a problem for cats because litters often go unchecked when they live outdoors.

“It’s a problem in the rural areas of the Okanagan…It’s too expensive to neuter cats once you have three, four, five litters and suddenly you’re dealing with 30 cats. It’s too expensive for anyone to take care of, so the humane society often brings in kittens and adult cats to stop the breeding,” Runnalls explained.

This needy kitten is just one of many cats found by the Okanagan Humane Society that need surgery and care, so they’re turning to the public for help.

“So anything the Okanagan Humane Society can accomplish is totally dependent on donations from the public. We receive some grants, but unfortunately no municipal or government funding. So donations definitely help us say yes and raise these animals when they desperately need it,” Runnalls said.

“You can see how tiny it is. He’s only about three weeks old. Barely weaned from his mum, he’s really not ready to be weaned yet, but we have special food and kitten milk that we can fill in. Every little kitten like this deserves a home…we bring them and want to find homes for everyone we can.

You can donate to the Okanagan Humane Society to help kittens in need by visiting their website.

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