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When a borrower holds several payday loans in his name, it is possible to simplify the management of his budget through a payday loan consolidation. This operation makes it possible to subscribe to a new loan in which all loans in progress are collected. The goal? Get a lower rate to lower monthly payments. 

The purchase of loans is a financial package that may concern consumer loans such as a personal loan, a car loan, a work loan or a marriage loan but also real estate loans or bank overdrafts. Depending on the consumer’s financial situation, the purchase may be total or partial. For example, it is possible to maintain a mortgage and to consolidate only its consumer credit. A redemption of credits may also lead to the release of additional funds. The sum is then directly integrated into the total amount of the redemption.

In summary, a loan buyback can free up cash for a new project or simply save money every month to lighten the household budget.

Quality expertise

At present, many players are jostling in this market. It is sometimes difficult to find a solution to this multitude of proposals. That’s why to find the best offer, Partners Finances has built for 20 years, expertise to adapt to all profiles and all needs. Through a network of reliable partners, analysts offer solutions perfectly in line with consumer expectations. The advantage? The guarantee of obtaining the best loan conditions and thus realizing savings.

Traditional banks or specialized organizations, thanks to a free online simulation, it is possible to have a concrete insight on the future offer of credit redemption. Partners Finances is an organization that acts as an intermediary in banking and payment services. As such, he acts transparently in the area of ​​debt restructuring. Throughout the process, Partners Finances offers a rigorous follow-up to facilitate both research and file editing. Linking customers and financial organizations is thus facilitated to ensure the success of the operation

Personalized follow-up

Personalized follow-up

From the simulation process to the request for loan redemption, Partners Finances offers a follow-up adapted to the profile of the borrower and offers an online simulation totally free and without any commitment.

The online platform makes it possible in 5 easy steps to find the best credit redemption offer for your profile. As a first step, the future borrower informs an online form mentioning all the information essential to the formulation of an offer such as his income, the number of credits to be grouped or the personal situation. Analysts study the request taking into account all the elements to perform this simulation. An offer is then sent, directly by email, by mail or by phone. Partners Finances then assembles the file thanks to the documents provided by the borrower. Once the contract is validated by the chosen bank partner, the borrower will be able to sign the loan buyback agreement, which will result in the release of the funds.

Rigorous and confident support to maximize the chances of success of a loan consolidation project.

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