People are giving up family dogs they adopted long before the pandemic, mostly due to inflation and builders slashing home prices and slowing construction as buyers pull back, survey finds

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‘Scary times’: Builders cut home prices and slow construction as buyers pull back, survey finds

An exclusive survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting reveals a broad slowdown in homebuilder activity. Read more

ERCOT Warning: 5 Power Outage Risks Facing the Entire US, Not Just Texas

Texas has a unique state-run electrical grid, but its problems with extreme weather and the balancing of natural gas and wind to create electricity hold lessons for the nation. Read more

‘They’ve had these pets for years’: People are giving up family dogs they adopted long before the pandemic, mostly due to inflation, shelters say

A dog was recently abandoned in Jacksonville, Florida with a note that the owner could no longer keep the animal due to a rent increase. Read more

When will inflation peak? US consumers see light at the end of the tunnel, New York Fed survey finds

Days before the June inflation data, consumers said they were increasingly worried about their finances compared to a year ago.

My friend gave us free theater tickets. When I got home, she texted me, “Can you catch our next meal or our next activity?” Am I obligated to take care of her?

“I’m not a tit-for-tat person, especially with friends. I often offer a drink to friends. Read more

These are the safest new cars of the year

All new cars are pretty safe these days, but some are safer than others. These go beyond government mandated safety features and manufacturer standards. Learn more

Back-to-school shopping: Start early, get creative, and watch for summer sales

Regardless of your financial situation, the general advice from experts is not to buy all your back-to-school supplies at once. Read more

For smaller companies, higher rates lead to lower optimism. Here are 7 things they should do now to survive.

Small business owners are doing well financially right now, but their worries about the future are growing, according to this new Small Business Finance Index.

‘Bargains for the bold:’ How the rest of 2022 could unfold for hopeful homebuyers

A catastrophic drop in affordability has deprived millions of people of home ownership. But there may be a glimmer of hope. Read more

Four Valuable Lessons I Learned While Taking an Electric Car Road Trip

We took one of the cheapest electric cars on the market on a 1,100-mile road trip to get our range anxiety under control. Here’s how it went. Read more

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