Pet tiger seen roaming free in Houston has moved to sanctuary


India, the tiger was transferred to an animal sanctuary in Texas from its home in Houston, in the Houston area, according to the Houston Police Department.

The nine-month-old tiger arrived at his new home, the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, on May 15, and ranch officials said his transition went smoothly and is going was well suited to the new environment. .

“India is getting more and more confident, relaxed and playful every day. He is healthy, eats well and is very busy exploring every part of his vast habitat and savoring his freedom – acting like the curious and lively young tiger that he is, ”said Noelle Armud, Senior Director of Black Beauty. Ranch.

The tiger made headlines earlier this month when he was spotted wandering around an unsupervised Houston neighborhood, as NBC News reports. The feral cat disappeared for almost a week before it was finally found safely and turned over to the police.

In the original location, the tiger was filmed by neighbors, seen wearing a collar and prowling outside a house when a sheriff’s deputy on leave encountered the wildcat. Before police had a chance to respond, the tiger was placed in the back of a vehicle and driven to an unknown location.

Ultimately, the hunt for the missing tiger came to an end when one of its owners, Gia Cuevas, handed the wildcat back to Houston PD, and from there the police transferred the animal to the BARC Houston Animal Shelter. where police said the tiger appeared. to be in a good health.

A tiger rests on the grass near a sidewalk in a Houston neighborhood.Courtesy of Mohammed Syed

Now India the Tiger has finally found its permanent home thanks to Cuevas’ cooperation with the Houston Police Department.

“He will go to a sanctuary tomorrow, where I hope he lives the rest of his life in a very safe environment,” Houston Police Commander Ron Borza said at a press conference before the move to Black Beauty Ranch.

India’s new habitat at the ranch is said to be around half an acre of land and includes a wooded area and a swimming pool.

“He loves one big log in particular that he likes to stretch, scratch and scent on. He bounces around the habitat exploring all the new scents and stalking his toys in the tall thick grass, exemplifying his wild instincts.” , Almrud said. “He sleeps a lot, like most cats, and has fun in his pool, especially hitting the waterspout and jumping in and out of the water.”

Black Beauty Ranch is run by the Humane Society, which has publicly supported the Big Cat Public Safety Act – pending legislation that would limit private ownership of these animals.

As previously reported by NBC News, tigers are not allowed in the city of Houston, but they are legal in surrounding Harris County if properly registered under a strict set of safety rules and guidelines, including holding $ 100,000 in animal insurance and tiger protection. at least 1000 feet from another home, school or daycare.

Texas law allows private ownership of tigers and other “dangerous wildlife,” but applicants must register with their local sheriff, file documents with the state, and follow strict filing requirements. in cage.

According to the Houston Police Department, no criminal charges are pending against Gia and her husband Victor Cuevas at this time. However, earlier this month, Commander Borza confirmed that the investigation was continuing.

“We know it’s in the right place now because it’s showing less and less interest in humans – our people – which it should be,” Almrud said. “He just became someone’s pet, which is no life for a wild animal.”

Doha madani and Alicia Victoria Lozano contributed.

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