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Hi, my name is Christine Fenton, and 4 years ago I rescued “Tates” a 4-year-old half-pug and half-dachshund from the Westfield Humane Society. In 20I4 I lost my purebred pug “Black Jack”.

I never thought I would have another dog after him. It took a while before I could even watch the dogs. Slowly, I found myself wanting to associate myself with the canine world again. I volunteered at the Lakeshore Humane Society to reacquaint myself with dogs. It didn’t take long. I found myself wanting another side kick. (Long story short) I remember exactly when a friend of mine texted me and told me about a dog she saw on the website at the Westfield Humane Society (Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue). The second I saw the picture, I knew, “It’s the good one.” The photo was actually a really bad photo of him. I remember showing my sons and their answer being “Are you sure?” YES!

I made arrangements with the shelter, and he was mine! I was told he had been in a shelter in the south and made his way here. He had been adopted several times, but was returned. He had been abused, very temperamental, but also very tough. He had to fight for himself when he was in certain situations. When my son and I picked him up, he was very skinny, but seemed happy to get out of the “pen” again. We loved it at first sight!

Soon we heard his bark! It was the bark of a huge dog from this little dog (very low and loud bark). Tate became part of our family instantly! The first day he jumped on the bed and when I went to pick him up he bit my thumb! I was stunned, but I looked at him and told him “You’re not going anywhere, this is your house!”

It took a while, but Tate came! Not just with us, but with almost everyone he met! He had his flashbacks of abuse and acts, but with unconditional love and patience, Tate came full circle! He likes to see people he knows. He loves them unconditionally, like all dogs. Warning, “Smart Pet” banned him from their grooming parlor (I guess flashbacks of abuse) and he barks like crazy at the postman or strangers who come near us. But, for the most part, our Tate has come full circle. People can pet him and he loves it! He came from a ragged (nasty) life to riches! He’s given us so much more LOVE and laughter than he’ll ever know…because that’s why he’s our Wonder Dog!

— Tate is loved by Christine Fenton and her family

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