Pharmacist in Seattle, WA – Money Diary


Occupation: Pharmacist
Industry: Health care
Age: 35
Site: Seattle, WA
Salary: $ 115,000
Net value : $ 389,542.68 ($ 243,458.79 in 401 (k), $ 24,458.79 in a Roth IRA fund, $ 29,645.64 in a brokerage fund, $ 15,734.23 in my emergency fund and ~ $ 100,000 in equity in my half of our condo minus debt. My husband and I have finances so his savings are separate from mine. We met at school so all we built is together, but I’m more frugal than him and I agree that it would be very unhappy to live at my frugal level. It works for us quite well.)
Debt: $ 264,398.04 remaining on our mortgage (so ~ $ 132,200 for my other half) + $ 23,754.77 car bill
Paycheque amount (biweekly): $ 2,338.58 (This is before my HSA contribution starts. I expect around $ 2,100 from October to December when my contributions begin)
Pronouns: she she

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $ 1,500 every two months (We pay $ 1,500 and we take turns.)
Car payment: $ 760 (we each make one payment each month to pay it off faster)
Car insurance: $ 297 every six months
The Internet: my husband pays
Cellphone: Paid back by work (and my husband pays the rest)
Electric: $ 71 (water / sewer is included in our HOA)
Climbing gym membership: $ 82.69 (taxes included)
Hulu / Disney +: $ 15.42 in exchange for access to my best friend’s Netflix account
Pet Insurance: $ 35.32
Health insurance: $ 16.61 (before taxes, deducted from paycheck)
HSA: $ 151 (before taxes, deducted from the paycheque)
401 (k): $ 707.69 (before taxes, deducted from paycheque)
After tax 401 (k): $ 442.31 (payroll deduction)
IRA savings: $ 500
Climbing room : $ 82.69
YNAB: $ 84 per year
Amazon Prime: $ 131.02 every two years (my husband and I take turns paying for this)
Professional Licenses: $ 857 2x / year
Professional insurance: $ 147 per year
Long-term care insurance: $ 1,344.44 per year (high cost due to my age and the likelihood that I would forfeit insurance after choosing not to participate in WA’s new LTCi tax. LTCi has been SUBLIME with WA residents asking to opt out of this new plan, and prices reflect demand.)


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