Pixie the Guelph Humane Society’s three-legged dog becomes internet star


Humanitarian company seeks best match for Pixie’s new home after leg had to be amputated

Pixie is a normal bitch who lives her life on three legs and is looking for a new home.

“She’s the most loving bitch and loves everyone,” says Guelph Humane Society spokesperson Natalie Thomas.

Pixie came to the shelter after being found wandering in March. She appears to have been hit by a car and diagnosed with a fractured pelvis and damaged rear leg which required amputation.

“She was in very bad shape,” says Thomas, “The person who found her took her straight to the clinic and what happens then is that if there is no no owner, the clinic contacts us and we become the bridge.

When it became clear the leg needed to be removed, Thomas said they contacted the community for help.

“There was just this wave of financial support and freebies to help Pixie with the surgery and her recovery afterward, and we were so grateful,” Thomas says.

This is not the first time that the GHS has welcomed animals with a missing limb. Last year, a greyhound named Jack and a cat named Bandit had only three legs.

“It happens every year, we have animals that need legs amputated… it’s usually because of a car accident,” says Thomas.

She adds that this is more likely to happen to cats who are not spayed or neutered, as they often roam when looking to breed in the spring.

“So they’re affected and if they’re lucky they survive, but they often need an amputation,” she says.

In Pixie’s case, she managed to recover quickly from the surgery and is now at the shelter.

“She’s walking now,” says Thomas, “She’s a little tired and so she takes breaks, but she’s a happy girl and she’s doing great.”

Pixie has also become a bit of an online sensation after a video showing him his first steps.

“People love the video because I think they’re so inspired by her walk,” says Thomas, “she’s got almost 130,000 views on Facebook now from Texas, Alabama and across the United States . “

When GHS posted Pixie on their adoption page on Wednesday, Thomas said he had received so many applications for her that they had to withdraw the post after 24 hours.

“We’re looking for the best match for Pixie,” she says, “who has experience with a special needs animal, who has taken the time to research what she is going to need and are they ready to do it during that extra time to do the regular vet visits, and stuff like that. ”

Thomas says people interested in caring for an animal with special needs should do their research ahead of time.

“There are many reasons why an animal may be considered to have special needs … it is always a matter of knowing what their condition is and what you need to do to make sure the animal is going to stay healthy. and that often means more visits to the vet, ”says Thomas.

“So make sure you stay on top of the regular visits so that the vet team can make sure the animal looks healthy and that you prevent anything more from happening.

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